Public Private Partnerships and Smart Meters

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More evidence of our PPP form of government

From British Columbia Walter McGinnis, career tester of Electro-Magnetic Radiation, explains the real science (not corporate science) regarding Smart Meters, WiFi in schools and Radio Frequency Radiation exposure. He also explains the threat of cell phone usage, particularly for children. Additionally Walter exposes the ‘open house’ tactic currently used to promote Smart Meters and how the info given to the public is not accurate, but is more corporate-science and ‘spin’.

This video clip demonstrates perfectly how Public Private Partnership (PPP) government works. Contracts are signed between government reps and companies without the public’s input or knowledge. This is government without representation.

SAY NO TO SMART METERS – Mr McGinnis does an excellent job explaining why!

Walter McGinnis’ web site: EMR Health Alliance of BC


And perhaps most importantly, Smart Meters are yet one more layer in the foundation of Transhumanism or the globalist’s nefarious scheme for ‘human evolution’ to the Post-Human state.

From The Age of Transitions:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is already a reality. While transhumanists promote the idea that it will soon become massively intelligent and bring about the Singularity, the true level of present AI systems is often not discussed. AI is now being used for:

  • Massive surveillance systems, scouring data-mined personal information from a wide range of digital/online activities, and even CCTV camera footage
  • Promotion of surveillance: the ubiquitous surveillance of everyone at all times

The loss of individual human freedom is being exacerbated by emerging technologies, and this is actually being promoted as a good thing by transhumanists, think-tanks, and governments.

What we must realize is that a surveillance state is not so much a futuristic vision as it is a current reality. Our privacy is eroding via fun interactive technologies and entertainment. Cellular phones/computers are already altering us in ways that most have never realized. Now is the time to slow down, and take stock of what we are enabling.


Public Private Partnership form of Government

Surveillance technology (and Transhumanism) exposed in 2000 by Dr. Kilde, former Chief Medical Officer of Finland: Microchip Implants, Mind Control and Cybernetics

Smart Meters are Not Even Legal

Smart Meter Legal Notice of No Consent – to send electric company BEFORE the installation of the Smart Meter.

Web site

Refuse Smart Meters


3 responses to “Public Private Partnerships and Smart Meters

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    Every farmer who wants a loan over his land has to first approach the so called local agent in the village for making the credit limit over his cultivable land.
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  2. Dorothy Wright

    The government recognizes that there are very serious mistakes being made in human experimentation without permission of the person and many are publicly disclosing the horrendous electronic harassment and gangstalking.that accompanies the experiments to see how the persons behave under the thumb of tyranny. President Obama authorized a commission to hear and study the question if persons would in this day, now, be used as the Tuskeegee persons or the Guatamalans were. Are there protections in place to prevent it? This is what he wanted to know. He has available from those he appointedm the proof handed them and they heard them speak, twenty at the most recent meeting in New York. Three hundred asked to speak of their treatment in this U.S.A. They could only hear twenty. We are being watched from satellites to observe our reaction to these atrocities. Many are implanted and three of us have proof that the USA Court accepted. Admitting that this is happening in 2011 in the USA. Microchipped to be watched as MONKEYs.

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