In Defense of Humans and Free Will

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The social engineering that has gone on in our country since the industrial revolution has been non-stop. Individuality and creativity are not useful qualities for those in charge of assembly lines. And, spiritually does not lend itself to consumerism and/or capitalism. Therefore the globalist-capitalists used their immense financial resources to find ways to dampen these attributes and socially re-engineer mankind. Human Resources by Scott Noble

Documentary explaining how and when social engineering got a foothold in our society: Human Resources by Scott Noble


Then, once the globalists and their ‘corporations’ got permission to patent and profit from DNA (in 1980), the race was on to replace natural earth (and humankind) with their artificially created (and owned?) Brave New World. They can now profit from the creation of mutant species, fake GMO food and artificially generated weather. Sadly this has occurred at a time when humanity is discovering even more amazing aspects of being human and how truly connected we are to the earth’s natural systems. In fact in 1967, Cleve Backster discovered (and proved) that an absolutely awesome bio-communication system exists between humans and plants.

The globalist’s Post-Human biotech nightmare, that is known as Transhumanism, has targeted humans as the ‘problem’ and wishes to ‘improve’ (replace??) our species.

REPEAT: The globalist’s Post-Human biotech nightmare, that is known as Transhumanism, has targeted humans as the ‘problem’ and wishes to ‘improve’ (replace??) our species.

This agenda and the biotech attack on Free Will has already started: Microchip Implants, Mind Control and Cybernetics.  (2000)

Since so many of the world’s current problems have been wrongly blamed on ‘humanity’, there are even many humans now willing to go along with the ‘agenda’ for a new and improved homo sapiens. This new ‘human’ is being designed by the Global Elite Scum of the Earth to serve them.

[If you still think ‘humans’ are the problem watch TheMoneyMasters and The Corporation.]

Why humanity is amazing, wondrous, dear and cannot be replaced by robots (machines) or any other ‘pseudo-form’ of Post-Human

Humans have an infinite capacity for love throughout their entire lives. The ‘love list’ can be quite long: parents, siblings, spouses,  friends, pets, nature, music, poetry, and art . . . the list goes on and on. Since the globalists, like Rockefeller and their corporations (who are funding Transhumanism) love money above all else, they have no clue what an infinite capacity for love even looks like.

Humans (who haven’t been severely damaged) can empathize with others, including plants and animals. This ability to empathize is the basis of The Golden Rule and has been recognized and built upon by all religions.  Kindness grew out our ability to empathize and even the ‘rules of etiquette’ were written as a way to make people feel valued and respected.

Humans are amazingly creative. In the right environment with adequate encouragement, humans can ‘invent’ music, art, literature, and even advanced technology. In fact, humans are so creative it is very difficult to hold them back. This was a problem for the robber barons at the beginning of the industrial revolution, as the documentary Human Resources so brilliantly explains.  They had to put a lot of effort into re-making humans into ‘human resources’. But new ideas, including ones for new and/or free energy, keep being invented despite the fact that the ‘global energy controllers’ keep suppressing them.

Humans can express extraordinary beauty with both their voices and their bodies. These qualities have been with us for millennia. Both song and dance ‘bubble’ out of so many humans from within their spirit (soul), it is obvious they are innate qualities in our species. They are many times a direct expression of joy that comes from deep within our hearts.  Have you ever watched a small child do a ‘happy dance’? It is obviously innate.

Humans are funny. Humor can just bubble up from our spirit (soul) and come out of our mouths in seconds. When humans gather together, laughter always accompanies them, even when it seems inappropriate. We can’t help it, it is a part of who we are.


Humans are both fascinating and dear due to our inconsistencies and our unpredictability. It fact, it is impossible to predict when human inconsistencies will pop-up. People can claim to dislike all things in a category, but there will almost always be an exception. We are all familiar with these common occurrences:

  • I knew I shouldn’t have done it, but I did it anyway.
  • How did I not see the forest through the trees?

Humans are capable of self-sacrifice . . . in fact we do it all of the time. Mother’s give up sleep to tend to their children, fathers work at jobs they hate to put a roof over their family’s heads, people take in their elderly parents who can no longer care for themselves, firefighters risk their lives to save people in burning buildings, solders fight and risk death to protect their ‘countries’ [who, at the moment are not worth these soldier’s sacrifices], people with very little give money to aid others in need, and the list goes on and on.

Humans have wisdom and common sense.  They achieve these attributes by experiencing life using all of their senses and their innate spiritual qualities. In fact in 1970 a wise educated Mom, Dorothy Law Nolte, made up a relatively simple list of instructions for child raising – which if followed would enhance the development of all of our children’s natural and innate qualities:  Children Learn What They Live Of course the global-controllers would hate for this to catch on; as Ms Nolte’s instructions would help return humankind to their natural state of ’empowerment’.

Humans are capable of random acts of kindness and perform them daily. Many of these acts are done quite casually and get very little recognition. However, they can actually help transform someone’s ‘bad day’ into a good one.


Only the dimwitted or severely damaged cannot recognize that the  attributes, qualities and capabilities of homo sapiens with Free Will cannot be replaced or duplicated by machines (robots).  If the global-controllers (war mongers) would get out of the way – and cease with their ‘social engineering’ and Psywars – can you imagine how fabulous and peaceful our world would be?

Final comment

I intentionally left God out of this discussion because he/she/it (the universe)  is defined quite differently by humans across the globe.  And even those that don’t quite ‘get’ God, should be able to recognize how truly amazing and wondrous human are capable of being! Sadly many religions still teach the idea of ‘original sin’ that was inserted into the bible by Emperor Constantine and his buddies of the Nicean Council. Original sin = toxic (unwarranted) guilt. It is much easier to manipulate humans who feel ashamed and inadequate than to manipulate those who know their empowerment.


Laudable Efforts

The Rosetta Stone of our Legal System – research about the Nicean Council and more.


One response to “In Defense of Humans and Free Will

  1. George V. Neagu

    Out of all the articles I have read that you sent us, I like this one the best. It is a positive view of humans at their best, and most fully developed, and shows much appreciation for the attributes that make humans human and humane.
    I happen to feel that imagination and empathy, the capacity to see and feel the world the way others may be experiencing it, is a hallmark of humanity.
    I could go on and on but I do want to leave this with only one insight: I believe that built into Nature is affirmation and confirmation and that the little baby affirms its worth by crying and must be confirmed in its worth to survive. If no one saw a baby as worth the trouble, none of us would grow into adulthood. I affirm, you confirm. Very important to our survival.

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