The Age of Transitions

Aaron Franz


What you must realize is that much of this deconstructive chaos is not the product of human stupidity, but is actually being purposely fomented and utilized as a powerful catalyst for change. World leaders speak of change constantly, but it is incredibly rare that they provide any details concerning such change. So what exactly is going on here? In short, the changes that we now bare witness to are leading up to the ultimate goal: the total reconstruction of the human mind, body and spirit from the inside out.

There is in fact a global agenda to ring in a “posthuman” world.

Understand that this agenda is well underway, and that it will be completed unless you decide to do something to stop it. What you are about to read is not science fiction, it is all too real.

The Ultimate Revolution

Aldous Huxley did a lecture at the U.C. Berkeley campus in 1962, in which he stated that the Ultimate Revolution was soon upon us. This revolution would involve the deliberate control over human minds with technology and drugs “to get people to actually love their servitude.” This would be carried out by the “controlling oligarchy who have always existed, and presumably always will exist.” Far from being a total fiction, Brave New World was actually a blueprint for just such a “scientific dictatorship.” Huxley calmly explained that this future would certainly come about, and he pointed to various experiments done in electronic brain stimulation that had already been successful. Mind control technologies were already at an advanced stage when Huxley gave this ominous speech, and today development is far in advance of what most people have ever even fathomed.

Enhancing Human Performance

Converging technologies are taken seriously by governments, corporations, the military, academia, national laboratories, and other important institutions. In 2001 the National Science Foundation and Department of Commerce held a conference entitled Converging Technologies For Improving Human Performance. It gathered experts to discuss their “visions” for:

  • Brain Machine Interfaces (BMIs)
  • Nanotechnology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Brain Implants/cognitive enhancement
  • robotics
  • social control/prediction with socio-tech
  • a hive mind consciousness

Officials are taking these ideas seriously, and are now concentrating on how to facilitate such monumental change, while making it acceptable to the public at large.


The adoption of human enhancement technologies is being promoted by a group calling themselves transhumanists. They promote:

  • technological Singularity brought about by superintelligent machines.
  • dramatic life extension and the actual reversal of aging.
  • transferring consciousness from biological brains to synthetic machines
  • living in computer generated virtual realities
  • altering and deleting certain emotions with drugs and technologies
  • becoming man/machine cyborgs

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is already a reality. While transhumanists promote the idea that it will soon become massively intelligent and bring about the Singularity, the true level of present AI systems is often not discussed. AI is now being used for:

  • massive surveillance systems, scouring data-mined personal information from a wide range of digital/online activities, and even CCTV camera footage.
  • making sense of biomedical data
  • a substitute for human labor
  • controlling vehicles with fully autonomous highway systems envisioned for the near future
  • high speed business/ financial transactions

To actually bring about the Singularity, what is needed is an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), a machine intellect that is able to learn, adapt, and grow exponentially. [Computer capability described by NASA in 2001] Whether or not AGI ever even appears, we can be sure of one thing: narrow AI systems exist now, and are being used to track, trace, and predict human behavior. The machine is watching you.

The Rising Panopticon

The loss of individual human freedom is being exacerbated by emerging technologies, and this is actually being promoted as a good thing by transhumanists, think-tanks, and governments. We are now witnessing,

  • promotion of surveillance: the ubiquitous surveillance of everyone at all times
  • citizen spying/ self-policing programs
  • the rise of government departments of security
  • inflated and irrational paranoia over terrorism
  • the redefining of terrorism, with increased emphasis on homegrown extremism
  • law enforcement moving toward crime prevention (precrime)

What we must realize is that a surveillance state is not so much a futuristic vision as it is a current reality. Our privacy is eroding via fun interactive technologies and entertainment. Cellular phones/computers are already altering us in ways that most have never realized. Now is the time to slow down, and take stock of what we are enabling. This is the needed first step that must be taken, and it starts with YOU.

What do we do about this?

First things first; we must understand that the Singularity is actively being funded with massive tax dollars. This is being done with no public oversight, and that is a serious problem. We should all be talking about these issues, but we aren’t. So get vocal, and never be afraid of voicing your own unique opinion. You should also start making your own personal plans for survival in this age of transitions. Don’t be afraid, and don’t give in to the false end times propaganda that is now all around us. This is just the beginning, and the real question to ask now is: what are you going to start?

AI on the prize

The occult (hidden) goals of the global transhuman project are Promethean. This is what we are facing:

  • the creation of godlike artificial intelligence machines
  • technological Singularity in which AI takes scientific study and technological development into its own hands
  • the complete surveillance of all human activity via globally connected AI systems.
  • a cybernetic merge of man and machine
  • humans becoming gods via enhancement, and dramatic life extension -the marginalization of legacy humans in a world of posthuman cyborgs
  • the reduction of population numbers by a self-proclaimed benevolent global system of government
  • the rise of a new scientifically oriented faith for a new age

Take all of these possibilities seriously, but be sure to always remember that you do have a choice and a role in determining whether or not such things come to pass. This world can only change according to the path that we make. So take stock, know where you stand, and be proactive. You have real power already, without the aid of any sort of technological enhancement. USE IT, or lose it…

You need to know what is happening

Unfortunately the media, academia, corporations, and your government will not come out and tell you all of the important details that you need to know. You have to go digging for the truth on your own. To all those brave souls who need to know, let this humble article be your jump off point. Heed its warning and answer your god given call to live. The Pentagon has labeled the human mindscape the battlefield of the 21st century. So prepare yourself and those you love to withstand the oncoming cyber blitzkriegs of the age of transitions. You won’t need a helmet to survive. Simply put on your thinking cap.

Resources is your resource for more details on these subjects and much more. Check it out to:

  • watch the online version of The Age of Transitions documentary
  • watch many related documentaries, and short videos
  • read the first chapter of the book Revolve: Man’s Scientific Rise to Godhood, which gets into these topics in great detail
  • find valuable research links, and real solutions
  • learn the latest news about upcoming events, including the release of The Age of Transitions 2

The Age of Transitions


Please help educate the public about the Post-Human future our corrupt leaders are laying out for us and  our children. An uninformed public will not likely recognize the ‘techno-trap’ that is being built all around us until it is too late. Not all microchips can be removed.

The Age of Transitions trifold brochure

NASA’s 2001 presentation “Bot, Borgs, and Humans”

NASA, like the Club of Rome, blames today’s ‘global’ problems on “humanity”. Brackets represent inserted common sense.


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