Very important documentary by Aaron Franz of The Age of Transitions


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The scientists working to create technological ‘evolution’ for mankind (post-humans) appear to be completely oblivious to very significant FACTS. Here are a few:

  • Mankind was not consulted and did not ask to be technologically ‘evolved’ or to become Post Humans
  • The Frankenscientist’s funding is not coming from sources that have mankind’s best interests at heart. To these ‘funders’ we are nothing more than ‘human resources’ to experiment on.
  • The only reason they are funding ‘artificial’ solutions for our planet is so these (non) solutions can be patented and commercialized.
  • The Manhattan Project produced the world’s nastiest bomb, depleted uranium, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. How can anyone be certain that these new technologies won’t be weaponized?
  • Most of the current technology is faulty and many of the computer programs are subject to hacking (yes even microchips). Imagine being chipped then hacked into by someone who wishes their own personal slave.
  • Natural health and energy solutions – with no negative risks or impacts – have been suppressed for many years.  Academics and science- discovery ‘gatekeepers’ have blocked the public’s knowledge of these solutions. Scientists have even been murdered to prevent these discoveries from surfacing. Ex: Tesla, Reich, Rife, Myers, etc.

NASA made known its opinion of mankind back in 2001 in their presentation Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]:

It is all too apparent that improving life on Earth for humans is not the plan, even though billions of dollars have been spent studying and replicating the human brain.

Finally, these Frankenscientists were (are) taking a huge risk as NASA publicly admitted:

Perhaps there is an island we can ship the transhumanist Frankenscientists off to – where they can experiment on each other! But first we need to remove all of the animal life on the island. These geeks seem to enjoy torturing animals with their bizarre experiments . . . in their efforts to conquer “human nature”. Funny though, if humans have so little value, why are they working so hard to replicate us?


Post-Humans – let’s not go there!

Humanity Itself – the globalist’s patsy

Microchip Implants, Mind Control and Cybernetics


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