Peak oil and global warming: Plan A and Plan B


Below are important excerpts from an interview with author/researcher Wm Engdahl. [1] Mr. Engdahl has looked much closer at the source of oil, the oil cartel and Wall Street shenanigans than most. The price of oil is anything but simple. It is influenced by many factors that have nothing to do with supply and demand. And the folks who wish to control global energy supplies (the globalists) are a lot more devious than most think they are. These ‘folks’ of course have acquired lots and lots of wealth to help them achieve their goals. They are not investing heavily in wind and solar – so we could end our oil dependency and mitigate ‘global warming’ – but are pursuing carbon taxes and cap and trade instead. Once you pay for your solar panels, the solar energy you produce can’t be taxed at all! You would actually get ‘free energy’ from the sun. JP Morgan turned down the ‘free energy’ idea when he withdrew support for Tesla. Nothing has changed since then. To control the world economy and insure their own hegemony, the globalists understand they must control energy as well. 

A History of Rigged and Fraudulent Oil Prices
March 21, 2011

Excerpts from Lars Schall interview with William Engdahl [1]

F. William Engdahl

Mr. Engdahl, one critical topic of our time is the subject of Peak Oil. You are saying that Peak Oil is a myth. How did you come to that conclusion?

I went through an evolution in my thinking. During the Iraq War in 2003, I simply couldn’t comprehend why a U.S. Administration would risk relations with its closest European allies or allies all around the world, violating all pretexts of international law and UN rules and procedures to unilaterally declare war on Iraq (well, there was Tony Blair, but I think he was there because BP told him they had to have a chunk of the Iraqi oil after the invasion). And at that time I came across various arguments about the peaking of oil. I’ve said: “Aha, if this is the case, then that might be the answer, that the U.S. wants to make sure that they preemptively control that oil for the future.”

The more I then looked into it, the more disturbed I got with the explanations and the justification of this Peak Oil argument. I even went to an international conference of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas, ASPO, in Berlin and met most of the prominent names of the so-called “Peak Oil movement.“ In retrospect, it’s in certain ways more like a religion than a movement with a patron Pope named M. King Hubbert. But in any case, I began to ask certain scientific questions, because I wanted a more scientific reality, and I even went up to Sweden and interviewed the president of ASPO, who gave me a detailed slideshow presentation. He said that basically we knew that oil is a “fossil fuel“ and therefore its quantity is finite in relation to what happened 500 million years ago with dinosaur detritus and algae and other plant life, that got somehow pushed under through volcanic eruptions or soil erosions or earth quakes and then somehow was compressed and converted into what we call petroleum today, or into gas or even into coal.

And then several friends drew my attention to work that had been done in Russia during the Cold War on the so-called deep origins abiotic theory of hydrocarbon creation. I met some of the Russians who worked with this over decades and I read their scientific papers. These were difficult papers, but they were intelligible. More and more I became convinced that the whole Peak Oil business was a myth. In my new book, that I have just finished, provisionally titled “Oil: The Secret War,” I discuss how the British and later the American oil majors around the Rockefeller group since the dawn of the conversion of the economy from coal to petroleum have cultivated a myth of oil scarcity.

Simple question: which interests are served by that?

FWE: The interests of the oil majors, of their bankers and of the UK and US power circles because it is to their advantage that nobody else gets independent control of energy. Why? Because energy is the governor through which they essentially control the world economy. In preparation for this book and in the course of my research, I went back to the original guru of the Peak Oil movement, M. King Hubbard. And he was quite an interesting kook, literally, even a leading member of a US futurist technocratic society that at the time was accused of imitating Mussolini’s Black Shirts. King was a geologist for Shell Oil Company, and when he prepared his now famous paper in 1956, that he was to deliver at the annual meeting of the American Petroleum Society, he gave it first to his boss at Shell. And his boss told him: “I don’t care what you say to the geologists in your speech, King, as long as you don’t talk this nonsense that oil reserves are increasing.” Of course, he didn’t talk the nonsense. But if you read his original paper of 1956, there is no scientific argumentation, it’s simply assertion. And the assertion is all based on the idea that oil is a fossil fuel and is limited. Nowhere is that proven.

Well, the Russians under the mandate of Stalin in the early 1950′s got the best geophysical, physical and chemical academics in Russia and Ukraine in a top secret project together, that was classified highly secret because it was so strategic, and they looked at the scientific basis to explain what the origins of oil were. They looked at the theory of fossil origins, and after they dug deeply into the literature, they said that this is absolutely absurd, there is no scientific proof of this, there is no causality that’s been demonstrated, it’s just asserted in American geology textbooks in the University, and because it is repeated so many times nobody even bothers to question if oil is a fossil fuel or coal is a fossil fuel, which M. King Hubbard also pointed out in his paper. Because to be consistent, they have to say that oil, gas and coal are all fossil fuels.

Then someone made me the argument: if you were to take the single largest oil field of the world, Ghawar in Saudi Arabia, which was discovered in 1948 and calculate the barrels of oil that Ghawar has produced up to the present, and then you hypothetically imagine that you could convert, let’s say, a dead dinosaur, that you could take the biomass of that dinosaur, bones included, 100 per cent, one to one to petroleum, which of course no one would argue is possible, but just to hypothesize, that you would require a cube of compressed dinosaur detritus or remains that is 19 miles wide, 19 miles high and 19 miles deep—only to account for that one huge oil field in Saudi Arabia. And that is to say nothing of the Permian Basin oil reservoir in Texas or the East Texas oil fields, which are vast oil fields. So then I began to really question this Hubbert peak oil hypothesis very seriously.

The Russians, with whom I later was in touch, said: “We think there is a different origin, and if you look at volcanoes, you come closer to the truth.” Their hypothesis at that point – now it’s been amply proven, even by the Carnegie Institution in Washington in independent experiments where they brought in some of the Russian scientists to consult with them – is that oil is created under the pressure and the temperature existing in the earth mantle.

Imagine that the core of the earth is a giant, gigantic nuclear reactor or if you look at a cut-away of a volcano in a geology museum you can get a good conceptual image for this, and this giant oven deep in the Earth mantle is spewing out matter at enormous temperatures and pressures constantly, and a volcano erupts because somehow the earth, which is constantly in motion, it’s constantly expanding minimally over time, creates cracks and fissures. We saw that with tragic consequences in the early part of 2010 in Haiti, where three major tectonic plates collide and diverge over the Port-au-Prince area. And also near Cuba – and that allows these volcanic eruptions to press up towards the surface and create mountains or volcanoes in certain cases. And if you trace the volcanic ring of fire in the Pacific and look at a map of the tectonic plates, you will find a fascinating correlation there.

So the Russians said: “This must have something to do with the origins of petroleum.” It comes deep from within the bowels of the earth and through these geophysical ruptures, cracks or faults or whatever you want to call them – the Russians call it migration channels—like you have in the Gulf of Mexico. There BP evidently hit a huge migration channel that went very, very deep and they were not expecting that, so the whole thing went completely out of control – the oil is being constantly generated, and what you have to do is look for where it comes closest to the surface.

Now, that is not an easy thing, but it is certainly a scientifically based thing, and as I said: several very rigorous peer-reviewed international scientific experiments have been conducted that demonstrate the creation of hydrocarbons in laboratory conditions under the temperature and pressure conditions that you have in the earth mantle. This is granite rock that we are talking about, so it’s not the so called sedimentary rock near the surface, where the dinosaur remains are said to be buried, no, it’s far, far deeper.

Of course, I can understand what you have just said, but would you agree with me on this: it isn’t really important whether Peak Oil is real or not, because if Peak Oil was real, then the supply will decrease. If it wasn’t real but will be pushed through with political intention, then the supply will decrease, too.

FWE: No, I think that is a misleading formulation of the question, because you’re assuming that: “will be pushed through” means the entire world. That’s one of the reasons, as I have pointed out in my new book, that the same elites, that Steven Rockefeller drafted the “Earth Charter” along with Maurice Strong, who is a Rockefeller protégé, one of the reasons that the Rockefeller faction in the Anglo-American world increasingly began to prepare the Global Warming fraud as a fall-back option, a “Plan B“ in case the Peak Oil myth was no longer credible, simply to have wars on every part of the earth in order to expand Pentagon control—Full Spectrum Dominance as they term it.

Take for example Darfur in Sudan, where the Chinese have tapped into what looks to be a giant oil reservoir that goes from Southern Sudan into Chad and Cameroon, it’s a huge reservoir and some people think it potentially could be a new Saudi Arabia. I can’t say that for sure, but I have seen maps and it’s apparently enormous. And that’s clearly the reason why suddenly Colin Powell declared that the Sudan government was guilty of genocide in Darfur. At the same time the CIA and arms merchants of death were funneling arms to the government of Chad for their mercenaries to go over the border into Darfur and start shooting up innocent civilians in order to give credibility to the genocide charges.

The global warming, I think, is the fall-back option, if you can’t convince the world of scarcity though Peak Oil, because suddenly oil giant fields are being discovered left and right. For example, in Cuba offshore, the Russians are helping the Cubans to develop a major field there. It looks like the Caribbean Basin, which was the site of a meteorite collision hundreds of millions of years ago likely, that that’s one of the largest potential oil areas on the planet – and that’s one of the reasons why this oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico went completely out of control, that wasn’t a normal oil strike. But the U.S. is determined to militarize and control the Caribbean Basin.

Another example is the offshore Brazil, gigantic oil discoveries there. So there are too many of these things popping up to keep the world convinced that Peak Oil is real and that we have to pay $ 300 per barrel of oil and start turning the lights out and burning candles.

Like many of the Peak Oil advocates say. They say: “Cuba is the model, because they don’t have automobiles, they have to rely on a non-petroleum economy because of the embargo, so we have to go to this kind of economy in the United States and Western Europe to compensate for the running out of oil.” Well, if you think about it, global warming accomplishes the same goal for these elites. If the world swallows the fairy tale that oil from transportation vehicles or from coal fired plants emissions of CO2 are the cause of something called the greenhouse effect, the so-called greenhouse gases, and that that is gradually warming the earth towards what Al Gore calls the “tipping point,“ and once we hit the tipping point then this will be the end of the road for the world.

Well, no climate model takes into account the one major influence on world climate: solar flares and solar activity, our Sun, as has been pointed out by the few courageous independent scientists whose careers haven’t been bought and paid for by BP or Wall Street banks. Wall Street controls the newly-founded carbon trading exchanges in Chicago and London—the Chicago Climate Exchange and the London European Climate Exchange. They control them via the ICE, Intercontinental Exchange in Atlanta Georgia that was created by Wall Street to control derivatives trade in things like oil.

So the Peak Oil myth just isn’t working, and that’s why we see this renewed massive propaganda attention from the elite media on global warming as “the greatest threat to mankind.” That threat looks a little bit dubious right now after we have experienced the worst winter in a hundred years sweeping across Europe and North America.

So the idea that the Pentagon can control all oil everywhere has reached its peak, if you want to call it that. They simply can’t control it. There is too much oil out there, there are too many accidental discoveries, and they are overstretched. It’s the “Imperial Overstretch,” as Paul Kennedy called it years ago (xiv).

So at least the American Empire – or the American Century – has reached its peak?

FWE: That’s one way to put it. The project that created the American hegemony after World War 2 was financed, lo and behold, by the Rockefellers, the Rockefeller Foundation, and carried out by the New York Council on Foreign Relation, which by that time was totally dominated by the Rockefellers…

Full article and interview


[1] Mr. Engdahl has written the following books:
“Seeds of Destruction. The Hidden Agenda of GMO”, Centre for Research on Globalization Publishing 2007;
“Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order“, Boxboro, MA: Third Millennium Press, 2009;
“Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century”, edition. Engdahl, 2010.

With Century of War, Seeds of Destruction, and Gods of Money, Mr. Engdahl wrote a “trilogy of power” which followed the pattern that was once laid out by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate of 1973, Dr. Henry Kissinger:
“Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.”

F. William Engdahl lives near Frankfurt am Main, Germany and may be reached via his website:


The Five Myths of the Peak Oil Theory

Global Warming and Scientific Fraud

Brochure: The Twin Energy Myths of Peak Oil and Global Warming


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