INC the [nuclear power] BEAST

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2011
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They use political clout (campaign contributions aka bribery) to achieve their goals (attain profits), they use ‘government’ regulatory agencies to ‘regulate’ in their favor (attain profits), they use both government granted immunity and their legal departments to protect them from lawsuits (mitigate losses) and they use their public relations people to lie to the public about the carnage they cause so they don’t lose customers (mitigate losses). This formula gets played out again and again and again.

The recent Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear plant meltdown is a perfect example of how this ‘doom machine’ works. Investigative reporter/journalist Greg Palast explained it recently on Russia TV:

Basically it is a four step nightmare for the people and the environment.

  1. corporate lobbying (bribery) to gets policies made in their favor
  2. public money going to their corporations and/or industries (externalization of costs)
  3. limited liability (thanks to ‘government’ granted immunities)
  4. corporate ‘spin’ to fool both the legislators and the general population

And this ‘dooms day’ scenario is still playing out today. For those that still believe in the ‘free market’ . . . this is not it.


March 13, 2011
Deborah Dupre,

Obama insanity giving 38B to nuclear industry
“Private capital has known for years what a poor investment nuclear power is. If not for these taxpayer backed loan guarantees and the immunity from liability provided by the ill-advised Congressional Price-Anderson Act, the nuclear industry would have long ago succumbed to market forces,” stated Shapiro.

Nuclear power marketing is expensive business involving lobbying politicians; feeding the media; and careful research into effective wording, and navigating legal issues. The anti-clean and renewable energy profiteers are heralding a new generation of “safe nuclear reactors,” fission is being sold as a “carbon-free energy.”  
“That can only be said if one ignores the tremendous carbon footprint of the nuclear fuel cycle,” state Georgia’s Greens.

Japanese environmental reporter Yoichi Shimatsu explains on Rense Radio (3-15-11) how the “green energy policy” scam works against both the people and the environment:

Four minute clip from the Yoichi Shimatsu interview

I’m not anti-business. I’m just trying to wake folks up to the current horrific insane business model called TheCorporation.

If it is not too late, this model has got to be deconstructed and replaced with a sane one. All those currently employed by TheCorporation need to be supporting efforts to create a new ‘business model’ – one that is FORCED into accountability and is not a psychopathic ‘doom machine’. And those employed to ‘spin lies’ for TheCorporation and/or the corporate media need to quit their jobs today.


Rense Radio Yoichi Shimatsu interview of 3-15-11 made available for free by

Emergency Special Report: Japan’s Earthquake, Hidden Nuclear Catastrophe by Yoichi Sminatsu

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