Bankster Bashing


January 27, 2011
Andrew Clark,

An angry Jamie Dimon tells World Economic Forum that blanket criticism of banking industry is unfair

On a panel moderated by the CNN presenter Fareed Zakaria, Dimon went on to hit out at President Obama’s former economic adviser, Larry Summers, who recently accused banks of spending $1m per congressman in lobbying efforts to oppose regulatory reform in the US.

“In a democracy, you have the right to petition government – it’s in the number one amendment,” said Dimon, who accused Summers of making “ridiculous” statements. The JP Morgan chief said banks had supported certain aspects of reform – including so-called resolution authority easing the process of winding down failing institutions. But he said the industry fought reforms that were “irrational”.

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Bankster bashing . . . he’s kidding, right??

The de facto (illegitimate) Supreme Court gave criminals like these banksters the right to bribe elected officials and call it “exercising their first amendment rights”. That is not just a bad decision . . . it is completely insane. It makes one wonder how much money ended up in the accounts of which Supreme Court ‘Judges’ for that decision. Recently it was reported that a slush fund for Chief Justice Roberts was located in the Vatican Bank.

We need to be sending these banksters to jail. We need to hold their CEOs responsible for ALL crimes committed by all employees of their corporations. Sadly the structure of the ‘corporation’ provides the CEOs with ‘limited liability’.


JP Morgan and the slave trade

JP Morgan Chase Supports The Troops By Overcharging Them On Mortgages, And By Foreclosure Fraud


“Are we talking about the same JP Morgan Chase, the one that illegally foreclosed on Florida homes, screwed the Denver school system, rigged municipal investment contracts, is being investigated by the SEC for rigging some CDOs, is alleged by a whistleblower to have fabricated and/or destroyed credit card records of customers, and bestowed us with President Obama’s new chief of staff?”


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