JP Morgan and the slave trade in America


by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2011
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The parasitic banksters will never stop extracting the life’s blood out of our country. They have actually increased their assault to include the growing population who needs assistance from the food stamp program.

Max Keiser (Keiser Report) explains how this is merely an extension of the slave trade ‘industry’.

Day by day it is looking more and more like the ONLY answer for the ‘people’ is to regain the autonomy of their state governments (to include state banks) and restore the federal-state government relationship to the pre Civil War organic Constitutional status.  At that time, each state represented its own ‘nation’ with its own Constitution and its own militia. On Dec 17, 2010 Private Attorney General Rod Class discussed the reclamation of state governments on his biweekly TalkShoe program.

Audio clip of state restoration discussion


Our State National Status


One response to “JP Morgan and the slave trade in America

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