War mongering and an absent media

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2011
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and the AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged

Brilliant documentary exposing the ‘controlled’ media and its inability to inform the public regarding the endless aggressive wars implemented by Britain, America and Israel.  The video demonstrates that massive slaughter of civilians (including children) is of no consequence to the war mongers. They simply use ‘media spin artists’ to cover their crimes.

The War You Don’t See

While most Americans love peace, our country has been engaged in endless wars across the globe for many years.

America love peace? Odd since we’re always at war!


Since World War II, the United States has messed around, in ways big and small, in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Lebanon, Grenada, Iraq, Panama, Colombia, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Haiti, Afghanistan again, and Iraq again. No country in the world can begin to match this record in the last half-century. And I’m not even listing here the covert operations (almost everywhere), including the ones that toppled democratically elected governments (Iran, Guatemala, Chile, etc.), the long-term occupations of Latin American countries by the U.S. military, the gunboat diplomacy of the American Navy around the world, the aiding and abetting of other killers (Saddam invading Iran, for example, apartheid South Africa or the Israeli occupation of Palestine), the militarization of the oceans and of space, or the myriad other ways in which the United States leads the planet in aggressive tendencies.

To make the argument that all of these wars have been waged for ‘national security’ reasons is so lame, you’d think the War Department wouldn’t even go there . . . or would they? As you can see in the documentary, that’s exactly the argument they tried to make! Once Ed Bernays and friends demonstrated the value of ‘propaganda’ for manipulating the public into supporting WWI, there seems to be no end to planetary destruction at the hands of the industrial military complex.


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