Yard signs for candidates?

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
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Once you wake up and figure out who the ‘folks’ we elect and send to Washington, District of Criminals, really represent, why on earth would you put any of their signs in your yard?    

How Corporations Own the US Congress    

 Once you figure out political campaigns are not about addressing the real issues that matter most to us all, but are merely an exercise in the ‘marketing of candidates’, why would you go to one of their ‘marketing’ events to become a cheering flag waving prop?       

 Once you wake up and figure out the electronic voting machines are rigged and your vote won’t count unless ‘they’ want it to, why would you bother to vote?        

Once you wake up and figure out the two-party Hatfield and McCoy system in our country is being promoted exclusively by our worthless corrupt corporate media, why would you continue to select what you ‘believe’ is the lessor of the two evils?  Are you aware that both the Democrats and the Republicans are businesses with paid employees and ‘strategists’. And these paid employees value their jobs more than our country or the population they are claiming to represent? [I learned this the hard way by volunteering for a ‘political’ campaign.]     

The real economic hit men

 Once you figure out our ‘government’ is corrupt at the very highest level on both sides of the aisle, why would you ever listen to anything Presidents (example:  the Clintons and the Bushes) or their family members have to say ever again?      

Once you figure out the Left Right Paradigm is Over and it is us versus the corporations, why would you support the Democrats or the Republicans? Both parties feed on corporate donations also known as bribery. 

Once you figure out the gangster/banksters are behind the Hatfield and McCoy style politics in our country, and their strategy was exposed in the early 1900s, why aren’t you helping to expose it yourself?      

The only logical reason that folks still participate in all of this election skullduggery is that the media propaganda machine is more sophisticated and pervasive than it has ever been.       

Once you finally figure out you are being manipulated and robbed at the same time by a very corrupt political system, why not shun it the same way the Amish do when someone in their community betrays them? There is nothing more empowering than recognizing that those that covet greed and power above all else get their power from us – and we can take it away from them! Imagine million dollar political marketing campaigns that no one watches? 

What kind of message would be sent if we refused to put up yard signs and refused to waste our gas voting for either the Republicrats or the Democans? There is no lesser of two evils . . . both parties are equally corrupt!! 

We’ll never stop corruption as long as we keep ‘going along to get along’. We are now in a hole – it is time to stop digging.


Former CIA agent exposes Washington corruption

Our political teams





One response to “Yard signs for candidates?

  1. Been saying this for years, but few will listen. Far as I’m concerned, corruption can only be overcome one Way, and the vast majority of humanity reject that Way. No amount of human legislation or scientific technological innovation is going to solve the problem of the corrupt human spirit which has plagued human civilization ever since its beginnings!

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