Why do the globalists keep selling peak oil?

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
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(Please keep in mind as you read this piece that I am a former peakist)

Is peak oil (‘petrocollapse’) being used as a justification for depopulation?

This year’s Association for the Study of Peak Oil USA conference offers HUGE clues!

Colonial Fletcher Prouty did a fabulous interview recalling his experiences with the government and the peak oil theory/agenda that was promulgated in the 70’s as a side bar to the Energy [Non] Crisis and the establishment of the petrodollar. As he was invited to USA INC’s international energy seminars during that time period, his perspective is extremely noteworthy. Here is his video testimony regarding those events.

One of this year’s speaker’s at the ASPO USA conference is the very same James Schlesinger (former CIA Director) that Col Prouty recounts as an ‘oil is a fossil fuel’ cheerleader from the 70s. As the Central Intelligence Agency is a rogue agency with no accountability to Congress or anyone else since its inception in 1947, his ‘opinions’ are highly suspect.  Let’s just admit no one has ever accused the CIA of being concerned with the welfare of the general population.  They, as Bill Moyer’s reported, are an integral part of the very corrupt  Secret Government.

Another speaker at this year’s conference is the infamous Robert Hirsch (an ASPO-USA advisor) who worked for Science Applications International Corporations (SAIC) when he helped write the Peaking Of World Oil Production: Impacts, Mitigation, & Risk Management report.  SAIC is relatively cloaked in obscurity. In fact in a Vanity Fair article they were referred to as ” . . . the largest government contractor you’ve never heard of”. However, “SAIC might as well operate an executive shuttle service between its McLean, Virginia, offices and the C.I.A., the F.B.I., the Pentagon, and the Department of Energy”.

Not only is SAIC relatively obscure, their history exposes a corporation that is very much into profiteering via government contracts while treating quality of work and integrity as inconveniences.  In 2007 Vanity Fair investigated SAIC and revealed the following in their article Washington’s $8 Billion Shadow

  • In 1991, SAIC was charged with falsifying data submitted to the E.P.A. on soil samples from Superfund toxic-waste sites.
  • Ultimately the company was accused by the government of making “false, fictitious and fraudulent statements,” and pleaded guilty to 10 counts of making false statements or claims. SAIC paid $1.3 million in fines and restitution.
  • In 2002, Woodlee filed a whistle-blower lawsuit charging SAIC with fraud under the federal False Claims Act. Working with air-force investigators, the U.S. attorney in San Antonio concluded that SAIC had in fact grossly understated profits on the contract: rather than the 8 to 10 percent profit the contract allowed, SAIC had, “unbeknownst to the Air Force,” realized profits of three times that amount, and had submitted “false and fraudulent statements of its expected costs and profits.”
  • A health physicist who testified later on behalf of the veterans spoke unkindly of the original SAIC work: “Atomic veterans have been deprived of benefits intended by Congress through [SAIC’s] deceptive internal dose reconstructions and poor understanding of radioactive material distribution in the body.”

So considering the close relationship SAIC has with the government and the CIA and the quality of work that SAIC has produced in the past, perhaps it is not surprising that Robert Hirsch produced a report validating peak oil on behalf of the government. And nowhere in Hirsch’s 2005 report is greatly advancing rail transportaion even mentioned as a peak oil mitigator.  If we were really running out of oil and if the government was really interested in mitigating such a dire state of affairs, reducing the demand for oil would have been given top priority. That is unless, the ‘government’ had another plan to reduce the demand for oil aka ‘demand destruction’.

Meanwhile in 2003 oil geologist Chris Landau proved that oil is not a fossil fuel and has since had two peer-reviewed papers published with his findings. If ASPO-USA really wanted to look at the truth about the origin of oil and whether or not we have peaked, surely Landau would have been sought out for his amazing discoveries. On August 18, 2010 Landau gave an indepth interview on Rense Radio explaining what he discovered about the origins of oil.

Laudau 8-19-10 interview

So we need to ask the ASPO ‘experts’ . . . if peak oil is REAL, why aren’t you all publicly demanding the policy makers and government spendthrifts provide us with trains? Who is in charge of transportation in our country, USA INC or OIL INC? Or, did the Gulf oil disaster prove to us all that it is indeed OIL INC!

Is peak oil being used as a justification for genocide?

How will a country with a deteriorating rail system and a population exceeding 300 million cope with much touted pending oil shortages (which can be easily orchestrated by the oil cartel)? Or is there a plan already in play by our policymakers to reduce the demand for petroleum products by another method, i.e. reducing the population . . . as Daniel Estulin reported three years ago.  Does this plan include silent weapons such as:

It is no longer possible for rational folks to ignore that fact that our ‘government’ is now agressively engaged in genocide. The genocide agenda was actually agreed upon back in 1954 at the very first banker’s Bilderberg meeting when Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars was adopted – read it for yourself. Coincidentally, only two years later oil industry employee M. King Hubbert came up with the peak oil theory predicting the U.S. would run out of oil in 1970. Coincidentally again . . . the early 70s is when our government announced the Energy [non] Crisis and Rockefeller, Kissinger and Schlesinger told international energy experts that oil is a fossil fuel – a finite resource.


The Peak Oil Theory Story

Gulf Catastrophe . . . who’s in charge?


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