Global Financial Report – Benjamin Fulford (7-10)

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and AntiCorruptionSociety acknowledged


Benjamin Fulford, former Japanese correspondent for Forbes Magazine, is interviewed on the Jeff Rense radio program and talks about the state of the world economy from ‘where he sits’. Ben is in one of the ‘loops’, regarding efforts being made by some of the world’s most powerful people to restore global sanity. There are many now attempting to stop the corrupt international financial gangsters (including the Federal Reserve banksters) and their relentless destructive schemes.

Ben explains (as have both Farm Claimant Darryl Freck & RAP Elder Tim Turner) that USA INC is now bankrupt – as is the Federal Reserve. While those in power representing them continue to seek funding, it appears that they are having no success. He also points out that for USA INC to go bankrupt, is only bad for the gangsters who now ‘run the show’; it is not necessarily a bad thing for the American population.  However, according to Ben, there are still those in high positions of the U.S. Military that are quite naive and remain loyal to the crooksters currently ‘in charge of’ our government. 

Ben Fulford on Rense Radio 7-28-10 (32 min)

NOTE: This audio has been edited. Some of the music has been cut from clip to reduce the size of the audio file. The conversations were left unchanged.


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