Toxicity and the Gulf coast region

Warning: Toxic Gas Alert

Dr Mark Sircus, International Medical Veritas Assoc.
June 25, 2010

Our very humanity and the nobility of medicine are on the line with the Gulf oil spill disaster. How we respond and what we respond with will be remembered, so we better get it right. Dr. Stuart Scheckner says though, “As a victim of mercury toxicity from a spill in my dental practice, I understand the insidious danger from poisons. The average physician does not have a clue when it comes to toxicity.  Diagnosis and treatment of toxicity problems are not well understood by many physicians. Toxic rain and air will be a nightmare.  How do you wake up those who represent us?”

The medical officials in the federal government who cannot recognize the harm and toxic dangers of mercury-laden vaccines and how they “might” have caused autism and other neurological and learning disorders in children are certainly not the people to lead us through this crisis.

Hydrogen Sulfide, commonly known as swamp gas: a normal level in the air for it ranges from 5 to 10 parts per billion (ppb). At the monitoring station in Venice, on May 2, the levels recorded were 30 ppb. The next day, May 3, the reading was nearly 40 times that, at 1,192 ppb. The day after that, May 4, it dropped down to 46 ppb, before rising on May 5 to 1,010 ppb.

Read full article – very important piece . . . particularly for those who live along the Gulf coast!

Special Note:

To all good doctors, alternative healthcare practitioners and my entire readership I request that they help the IMVA get this message out to the general public. Niche writers like me do not get much play in the mainstream but this disaster is happening out in the open. The news is obviously being managed and repressed by people who do not want people to wake up no matter what is happening but even then people are scared and anxious, at least the people I know. So please send this newsletter or the link to its placement on our sites out to everyone you know and to Internet groups.


The International Medical Veritas Association, like the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, does not represent the corporate/bigpharma ‘for-profit’ models of medicine (AMA) and dentistry (ADA). Both these international groups hold higher standards regarding patient care and more importantly human HEALTH!


3 responses to “Toxicity and the Gulf coast region

  1. We do not know what human health effects might occur after long-term exposure to food and water contaminated with benzene. In animals, exposure to food or water contaminated with benzene can damage the blood and the immune system and can cause cancer.

    Cancer is not something that will show up after a week of exposure to toxic chemicals – it can and does take years to form and cause its insidious damage. Telling the Gulf Locals to stay inside is not the answer…. the poison is everywhere, carried, as it were on the winds…….

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