Gulf coast disaster: remediation, protection and detoxification

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
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Photo: Erica Blumenfeld

Photo by Erica Blumenfeld

Here’s a collection of ‘remedies’ that have come to my attention

There are more that can be located, so don’t stop your searches and please share your discoveries (successes and failures) with others.  We can’t wait for the ‘government’ to solve this ecological disaster. Remember, you don’t have the government you think you have.

Remediation (to repair damage)

1) Dr Mike Castle’s AmeriHaz (includes protection of beaches, marshes, and estuaries)

2) Gator International bioremediation products

Interview with Bud Carey of Gator International discussing their product and their relentless (unsuccessful) efforts to convince BP and other oil companies to use their microbial product. Bud explains the sad truths about the oil corporations and their shennanigans. Bud’s company is eager to work with local governments on bioremediation.

Before and after photos of OilGator’s remediation application



1) Emergency booms for communities

2) Both AmeriHaz and OilGator can be used to protect shorelines

3) Combatting personal exposure to oil spill toxins


Detoxification and/or cleaning off oil

1) Dr Castle’s Kooky soap for oil clean up

2) Benzene pollutants and methods of detoxification

3) Personal success story with charcoal pills after benzene exposure

However, most of the scientists and health advisors suggest removing yourselves and your families from exposure to the toxins now increasing in and around the Gulf coast area. . .  it at all possible.

See: Richard Hoagland shares new info regarding Gulf catastrophe

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