Lindsey Williams shares info about Gulf Oil Catastrophe

 by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
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Lindsey Williams Talks with Alex Jones About Deadly Gases Leaking from BP Spill

[Pastor Williams has a long history of investigating the workings of the oil industry, the Federal Reserve and the globalists.
Torn from the Land and The Gulf Oil Spill, Peak Oil and INC the BEAST]

Part 1

Part 2

See rest of video series and hear info regarding evacuation planning


Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9


On May 27, 2010 former Kansas State Trooper Greg Evensen shared the evacuation information he was able to obtain from his contacts. 

The 5/27 internet radio program Shatter the Darkness with Hawke and Greg Evensen


Message to our military

Rodney Dale Class (a genuine, lawful, Private Attorney General) explains his research regarding the authority of the U.S. Coast Guard.
Please listen to this short audio.
According to Rodney they are superior to Janet Napolitano in the Homeland Security hierarchy.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s web site concurs with Rodney Class’s documentation:
“The United States Coast Guard is a military, multimission, maritime service within the Department of Homeland Security and one of the nation’s five armed services. Its core roles are to protect the public, the environment, and U.S. economic and security interests in any maritime region in which those interests may be at risk, including international waters and America’s coasts, ports, and inland waterways.”

Lindsey Williams was on Alex Jones on June 9th and a caller confirmed what Matt Simmons said on MSNBC, what ABC reporters exposed , and what film maker and investigative reporter James Fox said on the Veritass Show: that the foreign corporation British Petroleum is controlling the Gulf cleanup and the media in areas of Louisiana.

We have a Homeland Security crisis.

Basically, we have been invaded by a criminal foreign corporation. These foreign invaders are also intentionally polluting our waters with chemical agents called dispersants, – against the orders of representatives of our ‘government’; the EPA – constituting biological warfare on We the People of the U.S. These foreign criminals have taken control of our media to conceal their crimes.

I can’t see any other way to define the current dire situation. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Thad Allen, the head of the U.S. Coast Guard is standing down while all this is going on under his command. Why is he not being court martialed? There is no lack of evidence to convict him of dereliction of duty . . . it is everywhere in plain sight.

USA CORP has apparently neutralized the U.S. military so now the Washington District of Criminals need to be quarantined, to permit the legitimate U.S. Coast Guard (and other military bodies) to do the job they took an oath to perform.

One thing for sure: nowhere in the charter of the corporation British Petroleum are the words: ‘save lives’!

Let’s hope the right people wake up soon.


2 responses to “Lindsey Williams shares info about Gulf Oil Catastrophe

  1. It is not being done by the ‘British’. It is a foreign corporation. On this web site are links to the film “The Corporation”. It is amazing to watch what is ongoing from that perspective.

    So far it appears that it is much like what happened in the Nigerian Delta. The government did nothing while a big oil corporation polluted the environment and contaminated/poisoned the population.

    This only happens in countries that have a corrupt government. Once elected officials and judges start accepting bribes in a big way, they no longer work for We the People, but for vested interests.

    This is what we are now watching play out before our very own eyes.

    The question is . . . how long will the good folks who work for the military stand back and let it go on???

    It is time for the good men and women who work for the U.S. Coast Guard to disobey their commanding officers and live up to the oath they took.

  2. That’s not all BP is doing to us, to me it appears that the British have invaded the USA, they have created the biggest economic catastrophie on American soil, they are now destroying evidence of its magnatude, they are violating work safety laws and the civil rights laws of USA Citizens, and are obstructing justice for the USDOJ; what’s worse, the EEOC, the US DOL, and OSHA, are acting as if they are powerless to enforce the laws that Congress has entrusted to them. Isn’t this treason against We-The-People-? And, is this a modern day invasion of the USA, once again, by the BRITISH-? >>> <<<<

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