The Gulf oil catastrophe . . . an appeal to all!

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
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Grass-roots effort needed to get past bureaucratic ‘gate-keepers’

An Ohio polymer scientist, Dr Mike Castle, invented a system of cleaning up oil spills years ago. However, after a series of frustrating encounters with our government and/or military/bureaucracies, Dr Castle had no choice but to set the formula for this amazing product aside.

Product Demonstration

Now we face the most serious oil catastrophe known to humankind. The threat to the world’s oceans is very real.

Here is a recent evaluation of the situation by an insider, who is not controlled by the government, the oil industry or the worthless mainstream media.
Gulf oil leaks could gush for years

Here’s another article with a more in-depth evaluation. It is written for the braver readers who are also more technologically oriented.
Great Analysis of what exactly is going on


This is an edge of the abyss situation that we are facing in my opinion. Forget what you see now…this oil slick is minuscule in order of magnitude of what could happen..what is near to happening and what ABSOLUTELY WILL HAPPEN if it cannot be stopped. I cannot impress this enough…NEAR…because it truly is near. You probably sense it…know that this could go big…well it can…and although you might not understand exactly what is going on you can understand that we are not being told everything and it is difficult to form a clear picture. I hope to make some things clear and give people enough of an information handle to “get it”.The situation is dire and needs solutions ASAP.

If the well does cut loose? we are talking thousands and thousands of square miles of toxic crud….I’m not even sure the well drilling rigs would even be able to operate in the area…a massive rush of gas can sink ships…the gas is not breathable and it’s Explosive too…One thunder storm comes by and a lightning strike?….BOOM…I’m sure the men working there realize they are probably in one the most hazardous work zones they have ever been in…I don’t think it’s an ELE or something of that order, but we don’t need to be wiped out to be stuck enjoying a giant bowl of SUCK…for a very long time…

Dr Mike Castle’s invention (link for demo video: could easily go a long way toward cleaning up and/or containing the huge growing oil slick. However, the problem of getting the attention of ‘those in charge’ remains unchanged. For an honest independent scientist’s voice to be heard over those at the top of our corporatation-driven government is very difficult.

Here are some difficult-to-dispute facts:

Toxic experimental chemicals are being tried to ‘remediate’ this devastating oil ‘volcano’. However, the long-lasting impacts of these chemicals remains unknown, but are likely just as bad, if not worse, than the oil itself. Dr Castle’s invention will not add more toxins into our oceans or onto our beaches.

Please forward this critically important information to all those on your email lists – particularly anyone you know who has contact capability with the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Coast Guard, or those in the tourism or fish industry in the Gulf area. 


5-24-10  Update

On May 21, 2010 Dr Mike Castle announced the launching of the ‘independent’ AmeriHaz Gulf clean up project on the Drew Raines radio program.  This project is absolutely the safest and most intelligent approach to protecting shorelines from the pending carnage of the worst oil leak in history. However, to move forward, at least $2 M must be raised. Here is a chance for the public to act on a very real threat to our country and our environment.  To use our own money and have our own team (not corporate profiteers) cleaning up the Gulf is absolutely the only way we can be certain it is done and done properly. (Remember the superfund sites?) More info on the AmeriHaz Gulf Fund, including where to send donations:

The AmeriHaz Gulf Fund

As the situation is now so dire, this effort is extremely important on behalf of the vast oceans of our planet and the future of our species.


Dr Castle’s professional qualifications:

“Mike” is a Certified Environmental Risk Auditor, Conducts Environmental Phased Assessments Due Diligence for National Lending Institutions, Industry and Environmental Organizations,  including Sub-surface Investigation, Geologic Interpretation, Core Drilling/Soil Water Matrix Sample Analyses, US EPA Testing Protocol’s Specification’s, Analytical Interpretation and preparation of Reports – and much more!
He is a practicing Industrial Polymer Chemist with US Patents in Coatings and Adhesives.
Development and Preparation of Investigative Scope-of-Works, Corrective Action Plan, Remedial Action Plan and Site Post-Closure Plans, submittal to State Environmental Agency or US EPA;
Developed Synergistic Co-Train Treatment’s that are utilized in-situ with Bacteria to achieve the remediation and clean-up of Hydrocarbon Contaminants in Soils and Groundwaters of the US, PolyChlorinated , BiPhenyls (PCB’s) other PolyNuclear Aromatic’s, and other Organic/Inorganic Environmental Pollutant’s;
Co-Developed a Remedial Process for Environmental Contaminants referred to as BioIntergration used in the hydrogeological manipulation of Groundwaters and contaminated Geologic formations using Co-Treatments and Naturally Occuring Microbes to remediate the subsurface

Dr Castle can be contacted at

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