The Gulf Oil Spill, Peak Oil and INC the BEAST

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
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Devastation moves onward while remediation is arrogantly ignored

The media is doing a very shabby job (as usual) of reporting the horrific details regarding the Gulf oil spill.

Recently Lindsey Williams, author of the Energy Non Crisis, was interviewed on the Jeff Rense radio show. This is a very informative and critically important interview. This information affects us all:

Lindsey’s knowledge and forthrightness exemplifies the value of knowledgable independent researchers who are motivated by a love for God, people and planet . . . above any and all monetary considerations. The information that Lindsey provides is not censored by the leading information ‘controllers’ on our planet:

  • University, INC
  • Government, INC
  • Business, INC
  • Media, INC

The peak oil myth must be now exposed for what it always was . . . a way to justify and manipulate the price of oil and the petrodollar.

Cleaning up the oil spill

Tragically, there are methods of cleaning up the Gulf oil spill that both the Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security are too arrogant to even look at. Inventor/scientist Dr. Mike Castle [1] created a polymer product (AmeriHaz Solidifyer) for this purpose many years ago. It can be sprayed on the water surface of the Gulf and would solidify the oil making its containment and removal possible.  The knowledge that there is a remediation methodology that is being ignored makes the Gulf oil spill even more tragic.  But when you understand that those in charge are representatives for Government, INC and Business, INC who see the world through blinders, i.e. an asset/liability perspective, the picture becomes more clear. INC THE BEAST does not (can not) recognize the value of life itself . . . as it is a psychotic, dead, nonliving parasite. It is merely a piece of paper representing the most destructive business model known to mankind.


INC THE BEAST described in detail.

INC, THE BEAST is the dragon that MUST BE SLAYED. Without this BEAST, TheMoneyMasters (who own the controlling interests in the majority of the world’s largest corporations) will not have the tools they need to continue the devastation of ourselves and the decimation of our planet. . . in the name of ‘profit’!

As a business model, ‘limited liability’ must be forever eliminated and replaced with true ‘accountability’.  If we are to be held accountable for not paying our taxes, how is it the huge corporations are not held accountable for destroying all life in the Gulf of Mexico . . . and beyond? Will those that own the controlling interests in BP go to jail? How about the CEO and the Board of Trustees? In the military the ‘commander’ is held accountable for the actions of his men. Why is that not also true for BP?

Perhaps this issue will help us wake up to the fact that we are being played (distracted) by the two party ballyhoo in the U.S., and we all need to come together and recognize the immense ‘flaw’ in our system of ‘commerce’ that INC THE BEAST represents. It has never been more crucial for us to wake up . . . our very survival depends on our ability to deconstruct it!

This is the disaster we all now face:

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[1] Dr Mike Castle authored two critically important papers;  The Unified Atmospheric Preservation Act and The Methodic Demise of Natural Earth


3 responses to “The Gulf Oil Spill, Peak Oil and INC the BEAST

  1. I am afraid bunker bombs are being saved for attacks on the Arab world and cannot be wasted on an oil spill that was deliberately set in action

  2. I think that the US Navy should of gotten involved and dropped underwater bunker bombs to collapse the hole and then sealed up the cracks with cement. Anyone else agree?

  3. David McCallum

    The largest pool of oil on earth is in a line moving north & south through Israel in the shape of a hook, containing 2.6 trillion bls. of renewable oil. At the southern end the pool is in the shape of a hook. It is naturally 80% owned by the same banksters who are false Jews. This is the excuse for Armageddon. Everyone in the world thinks everything is theirs, while even the alchemists knew you cannot justify war over resources…especially when the energy natural to the earth is what HAARP uses, and has nothing to do with oil. The energy generated by the earth itself is powerful enough to provide all humanities energy needs. The very nature of creation itself is used by the demonic force not only for superluminal travel, but as a means to cause humanity to enchain themselves under those he rules that dominate the world. Yea I recall being told about slavery as a child. Yep…freed one group and enchained everybody !

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