Pandemic Pandemonium and Profiteering

by AL Whitney © copyround 2010
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Time for an H1N1 pandemic post-mortem

AICCO-frontThe vaccination myth has been espoused to the ‘people of the planet’ for a very long time.  But last year’s pandemic pandemonium brought the issue to the forefront like never before.  An unholy alliance between Big Pharma, corporate government entities and the corporate media was well established by the time the World Health Organization announced their bogus Level 6 pandemic in June 2009. In fact a vaccination ‘business’ (Adult Immunization Coalition of Central Ohio) popped up in my own back yard, by August.

However, the usual techniques for manipulating the public into buying Big Pharma’s latest product line (H1N1 vaccines) did not work. Non-corporate independent researchers, child advocates, alternative health proponents and many more joined efforts and a massive public education endeavor kicked into high gear like never before. With the help of internet programs, youtube messages, email communications and loads of creative brochures (that were handed out personally to friends, neighbors and the general public), the anti-corporate-healthcare activists were finally able to overcome BigPharma and their hired guns – the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the corporate media.  We had much success convincing a significant portion of the public that the vaccines were more deadly than the swine flu itself.[1] In fact many heros emerged to help protect the public against the H1N1 experimental vaccine assault that we should be grateful to. Here are just two examples:

Dr Teresa Forcades, former public health physician, did her own research regarding both the H1N1 flu and the vaccine program and shared her findings with all concerned via a self made video. Her research was not funded nor sanctioned by any corporate or government enterprise and was completely unbiased – and extremely alarming. She exposed the fact that Baxter lab had distributed flu vaccine in Europe that was so lethal, testing it resulted in the (unreported) deaths of four ferrets.  Her video communication and warning:  Teresa Forades – the Flu Vaccination  Please watch Dr Forcades video and see if you agree with the mainstream media’s (AFP) ‘reporting’ of her efforts.  From their article; WHO pandemic probe focuses on media, internet role: “Examples cited included a six-part video by a Spanish nun debunking the threat of H1N1 flu . . . ” If this absolute perversion of the facts doesn’t convince everyone how worthless the media is, what will?

California neurologist Dr Edward Spencer saw Dr Forcades’ video and readily recognized the serious public health threat the H1N1 vaccine likely represented.  On behalf of all those who live in his community Dr Spencer decided to share this critically important information with his fellow staff physicians at Petaluma Valley Hospital, St Joseph Health System – Sonoma County administrators, and Sonoma County Public Health officials.  The corporate medical enterprise (aka Petaluma Valley Hospital) was not pleased and responded by launching a type of professional ‘hazing’ campaign against Dr Spencer.  The ‘facts’ that Dr Spencer brought forward were never discussed or rebuked, instead representatives for hospital, INC attempted to discredit Dr. Spencer professionally.  Dr. Spencer’s story does an exemplary job demonstrating the reason many now refer to Medical, INC in the United States as the Pharma/Medical Mafia.

Youtube inteview with Dr. Spencer.

While the corporate government/vaccine industrial complex (which includes Public Health, INC) knew they were failing in their efforts to ‘sell’ the pandemic/vaccine agenda by October, 2009 (CFR’s failed attempt to manipulate the public), they only recently admitted this failure to the public – when they found themselves facing that the fact that millions of H1N1 vaccine doses now have to be discarded.  While the worthless mainstream media continues to spin the H1N1 pandemic story, the non-corporate independent media has been exposing the outrageous level of corruption that took place over the past year – and beyond.  Examples:

  • CDC researcher absconded with $2 million taxpayer dollars
  • Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe investigates the drug cartel’s ‘false flag’ pandemic
  • BigPharma’s manipulation of the WHO to ‘downgrade’ criteria for Level 6 pandemic
  • More than half the ‘experts’ on swine flu task force have ties to BigPharma
  • WHO scientists corruption scandal appear endemic
  • Drug Firms cash in on swine flu ‘scare’
  • Most CDC medical advisors have conflicts of interest

For these stories and more: Corruption and the H1N1 Pandemic

So, the next step for the World Health Organization (an unelected private body) is to figure out who or what was responsible for their failure to convince the world’s population to take their unsafe toxic vaccine.  So far the WHO pandemic probe focuses on media, Internet role for its disruptive impact via “rumours . . . blogs, social networking and websites”.

“Anti-vaccine messaging was very active, made it very difficult for public health services in many countries”, said WHO’s influenza chief Keiji Fukuda.


For those of us who closely watched and investigated the H1N1 pandemic agenda roll out (to include its accompanying toxic vaccine) it was a real eye-opener.  We discovered deceptions that had been hidden from most of us for many years, such as:

Dr Roby Mitchell explains the facts stated on the vaccine package insert

In fact the federal government makes special efforts to keep the truth regarding vaccines away from military personnel – also known as our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, friends and neighbors.  (Military personnel banned from H1N1 vaccine sites)

So, the next step for those of us who are now awake and aware of the enormous tragedy that is ongoing via the Vaccination Business, is to spread the word to state legislators, employers, public health workers (predators), board of education members and our own physicians that the CDC/WHO Network is corrupt and is very destructive to all people everywhere. This 2 page document (Network of Corruption) can be readily printed and faxed or mailed out. It is imperative that we destroy the credibility of the public health network (particularly their corrupt ruling body, the Center for Disease Control) and STOP THE SCHOOL VACCINATION PROGRAMS!.        


[1] Web site started by Editor to help educate and empower the public: Ohioans Against Experimental and School Vaccinations


Brochure exposing the media propaganda campaign: H1N1 and the Media

Frontline vaccine propaganda piece Bear in mind they are attempting to overcome the amazing success of the awake and aware folks who work very hard to educate the public on the debilitating effects of toxic vaccines.


Refusnik t-shirt available at DrTenpenny store. Author receives nothing from the sale of this item or the mention of the web site.

2 responses to “Pandemic Pandemonium and Profiteering


  2. We like to think that our government is helping us , but actions speak much louder than words
    Our love of country is being used against us .
    The korporate US has to be done away with .
    For our and the worlds sake .

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