CFR’s failed attempt to manipulate the public

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
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The Council on Foreign Relations and the H1N1 Vaccination ‘Campaign’

There is an ongoing battle being waged by the ‘elite’ to manipulate and control the general population of the United States. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is possibly their most powerful organization in our country. It was established in 1917 and the leaders of the organization immediately launched a campaign to ‘own’ or control the vast majority of prominent media outlets. The founders of the CFR were the very same MoneyMasters who succeeded in their coup to take over US monetary policy via the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

The following film clip is a real CLASSIC! It exposes the tactics employed by the CFR to a) manipulate the elite attendees and b) get them to use their ‘influence’  over policy makers and the media. In 2009 there was a massive campaign to convince the public their lives would be at risk if they didn’t take the dangerous experimental H1N1 vaccination, even though the H1N1 vaccine was considered by many of us to be far more dangerous than swine flu itself.

Here are some of the steps employed by the elite to manipulate the general population – as exposed in this CLASSIC video:

Step 1: Schmoozing

Flatter the CFR attendees into participating by referring to them as a “stellar” group who is “highly diverse and intelligent”

Step 2: Define the goal or the problem

This October 16, 2009 meeting’s stated goal was to determine the best way to over come the obstacles to increasing H1N1 “vaccine uptake”.

Step 3: Identify the target and its political affiliations

They ‘labeled’ their target as the ‘antivaccine movement’ and their political affiliations as an “unholy alliance” of the “ultra-left” and the “ultra-right” in a sort of “Hitler/Stalin pact”.

Step 4: Strategize a media campaign

They decided to use the “blue-light special” scarcity concept and have the media announce to all that there was a serious vaccine shortage.

This strategy was in fact carried out in my own school district within several days. The school announced on their web page that vaccine clinics had been cancelled by public health personnel due to vaccine shortages. However, this time the many good folks who were attempting to warn the public about this health risk had a greater success than they have had in the past and fewer than half of the 229 million doses purchased for Americans were administered. In fact, many health care providers are having to pay to dispose of their remaining doses of H1N1 vaccines. The public health folks in Ohio became desperate and quite predatory and even paid for a huge advertisement in the Columbus Dispatch to target the black population.

From the CFR video you can observe that they did not accurately identify the vaccine ‘refuseniks’. Thus their ‘blue-light special’ strategy was not very effective. This is very important to take notice of.  If the general population would stop responding to polls, surveys, questionnaires, town hall meetings, and even ‘on the street interviews’, effective propaganda against our fellow men and women cannot be ‘crafted’.

As a result of the H1N1 ‘pandemic’ campaign, we now have ample documentation to share with our friends and relatives about the massive corruption in both the World Health Organization and their US partner; the Center for Disease Control. This corruption includes a central figure in CDC’s vaccine cover-up abcsonding with $2M. Hopefully, we can now warn enough people to prevent a repeat of the ‘elites’ poisonous/profiteering/vaccine agenda.


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2 responses to “CFR’s failed attempt to manipulate the public

  1. I’ve yet to figure out the fascination of controlling
    money and people .
    The question that needs answered is , when is enough , enough ?
    Seems the ones we elect to work for us , have no self control . Yet they want to control everyone else .
    Perhaps a look in a mirror would help .

    • You actually hit the nail on the head.

      Those who are ‘restricted’ and ‘controlled’ within their own minds seek to control others. If you think of nuns. They have limited freedom in thought or behavior and as a result can become some of the bossiest folks you ever want to meet.

      If the ‘elite’ are overly concerned with their public ‘persona’ and family ‘duties’ and do not feel free to express themselves, they will seek to control others as a way of compensating.

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