Who wrote the health care bill?

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and AntiCorruptionSociety acknowledged


Why do our elected officials ignore the wishes of the public – again, and again, and again?

Who is really in charge of the planet we all live on?

This clip from the Canadian award-winning documentary,  The Corporation, exposes the power that corporations (like the pharmaceutical and insurance industries) have over government.

[Note the admission that Business INC and Government INC now speak the same language – corporate-speak aka ‘spin’.]

Apparently the national health care ‘program’ reminds us once more that INC THE BEAST is in charge and until we dismantle the BEAST and deal with ‘corporate power’ we are helpless to influence their relentless drive for profits and their inability to see all “life” as any thing more than Assets or Liabilities.

MEDICINE INCThey are now setting up a national system that will allow them to ‘catalog’ the entire population of the United States. Their goal is the very same goal HMO’s established a while back, i.e. how to collect the maximum in premiums (and information) while paying out the minimum on claims. And they are setting up a sophisticated electronic medical records system to enable them to accomplish this goal.

Naturally, corporate-speak will be used by all parties engaged in this unholy Public Private Partnership (including low-level employees) to make bad sound good and profiteering sound like improved efficiency. Listen for the increased “efficiency” spin when public officials attempt to sell their new health care system to the general public.

When INC the BEAST uses the terms ‘increased efficiency’, it more often than not is referring to exploitation. In corporate-speak, if you can get a man to go from producing 10 widgets a day to 15 by threatening to beat him, INC the BEAST obfuscates that tactic by ‘spinning’ the beating threat. It publically refers to it as ‘a mechanism for increased efficiency’ or even ‘motivational enhancement’.

[We can thank chief propagandist Ed Bernays, Freud’s nephew, for this corporate/political corruption of our language. Bernays’ ideas were the precursors to the infernal ‘perception management’ teams that both Business INC and Government INC use ad nauseum. ]

The upcoming health care program is yet one more way for Business INC and Government INC to collect lots of money from the general population, tell them the program is good for them (like NAFTA, the Patriot Act, and the Iraq/Afghanistan war) and steal from them – again.

Problem – outsourced jobs, loss of health care, and profiteering by the health care industry (Medicine, INC)

Reaction – we desperately need affordable health care for our families

Solution – national health care ‘bubble’ created for Wall Street; whereas everyone has to pay into the kitty (increased assets), lots of new ‘rules’ (agencies) are established by government – whereby as few as possible benefits are made available (decreased liabilities).

The crooks still run Washington and won’t quit their corrupt shenanigans until we take back our states and make the District of Criminals obsolete. I no longer listen to the propaganda they produce for the TV viewing audience . . . it makes me ill.


One response to “Who wrote the health care bill?

  1. Bribery and kickbacks, no accountability
    Going on for decades
    Paris Hilton, OJ, Monica Lewinsky, Anna Nicole, Muchael Jackson, Joey Buttafucco, Elian Gonzalez, Burd Flu, SARS and all the other BS kept our highly intelligent populace … Oh yeah, professional wrestling, Fox News, AmericN Idol and the rest….. Pathetic! We deserve this… Bunch of idiots!

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