Corruption . . . what to do, what to do?

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
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“OUR S.A.M.M.I.E” is a new effort to repair our legal system – it is part of a non-violent ‘Lawful Rebellion’


Once we admit that our government is a company and that it is being run by the principles of 1) campaign donations 2) political cronyism, and 3) special favors to private corporations or special interests, we become sadly aware we are all drowning in corruption. While this reality is rarely portrayed by the corrupt corporate media, when we get together and talk about it almost everyone agrees it is a huge problem. However, the vast majority of us can’t really see a solution so we just do our best to get by. Some become complacent saying to themselves that they didn’t create this corrupt system so they will do their best to ‘succeed’ in it. While others do their best to withdraw from it – which can have huge negative economic implications on them and their families. While these responses might be understandable, given the current economic and political climate, they do not solve the problem and they do nothing to ensure a better future for our children.

Did you know that USA CORP has a larger percentage of its population in jail than any other country in the world? Did you know that these prisons produce and sell products essentially using slave labor? Did you know that a huge percentage of these prisoners did not commit violent crimes, but were convicted for violating ‘statutes’? Did you know that when someone is incarcerated bonds are issued in their name and sold on Wall Street?

 Wanna know where goods are still manufactured in the US?

Clearly our system no longer insures life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for many Americans. The federal/municipal corporation system not only does not insure our rights, but victimizes us all for profit, which is the only thing the BEAST is allowed to pursue – by law. A fraud has been committed against the public and a tyrannical government now presumes itself to be in control of our country. Sorry to shock some folks, but it is true and has been for a long time.

  • How many of us voted for the many wars that have been ongoing for years?
  • How many of us voted for the banker bailout?
  • How many of us voted for the outsourcing of our jobs?
  • How many of us voted to put the gangster/banksters in charge of our economy?
  • How many of us voted for the use of depleted uranium munitions?
  • How many of us voted for genetically modified food?
  • How many of us voted for environmental destruction by toxic chemtrails?
  • How many of us voted to have our children vaccinated with dangerous experimental vaccines in their schools?

The list goes on and on . . .

Most of the assaults that have been committed on our lives, liberties and pursuits of happiness were done by deception to an unwitting public that has intentionally been kept amused with TV, movies, pop music and sports.

Turning this tragedy around will not be easy, but will become much easier when we can openly talk about the problem, identify the changes that need to be made, and work together implementing those changes. One inspired activist in the UK, John Harris, has called this effort a “Lawful Rebellion”.

A small group of citizens seemingly appeared out of nowhere last year and filed a bombshell of a lawsuit in the District of Crooks: Dale v the UNITED STATES.

This amazing group of average folks (who are anything but average) have been moving forward implementing great ideas and solutions that most don’t even know about. [Yet one more testimony to our corrupt corporate media.] These folks have figured out that to divide us into party loyalists (Dems vs Repubs) is the best way to keep us apart and at each others throats. Of course we have all noticed that the corrupt media does a great job helping to promote the two party paradigm. So these inspiring people  call their efforts; Our Sovereign Assembly Meetings Members Include Everyone (

Step one in understanding the Our Sammie efforts is to educate yourself about common law versus statutory law, in other words what has happened to our legal system that made our country #1 in the world for imprisoning the largest percent of its population? Eldon Warman’s DetaxCanada does a brilliant job explaining the historical facts regarding common law and its demise.

Here is a ‘must see’ video from Our Sammie’s website.

Caution: there is a lot of reality in this video, BUT it is jam-packed with good ideas and hope as well!

Please understand, I am not saying that the Our Sammie effort will solve all of the problems we have with INC the BEAST, but it is hopeful and I believe it worthy of serious consideration.

Must see videos: It’s an Illusion and Rob’s Very Cunning Plan

Web sites:

Lawful Rebellion

The Peoples United Community



Our Government is a Company

USA isn’t a Country it’s a Corporation

Fraud by Any Other Name is Still Fraud

Predatory Public Heath


2 responses to “Corruption . . . what to do, what to do?

  1. Dear Anticorruption,

    You need to begin featuring some of the information from VK Durham (the antechamber) and Christopher Story ( Finally, I strongly suggest that everybody begin reading and

    There is a small group of folks who have created the current mess. They own all the pharmaceutical stock, all the arms companies, all the banking, all the medical, all the petroleum, all the agricultural and all the insurance companies in the world. They have permitted politicians in the US and around the world to hold shares in their many industries–specifically arms, insurance and medical as a reward for their SERVICE.

    This means that when Congress, the Parliament etc. sends your sons, daughters, husbands and other family members to war, they make money from the arms sold. They make money on the useless vaccines that they demand that we take despite the fact that there have been no INDEPENDENT STUDIES ABOUT THEIR BENEFITS AT ALL. The degree of corruption are stupendous at this point.

    It is time to stop supporting their money machine and move towards another form of governance.

    • There certainly are many folks attempting to thwart the plans of the globalists. I wish them luck.

      However, it is my hope to help folks understand that our governments have been incorporated which is how they have become (perhaps unwitting) partners in the establishment of a one world government. See the article The ‘City’ World Government.

      While I follow Story and Fulford and their progress we still have local issues to face. The vaccine issue is a good example and the toxic currency, The Federal Reserve Note, is another.

      We have less influence over international corruption than we do over local or state crooks.

      I do not believe the is the best source for reliable information. Ms Burgermeister has misled the public regarding our legal ‘reality’ when it comes to mandatory vaccines. Sadly she misrepresented legal actions that were supposedly underway. She also does not understand the public health/medical system in the U.S. See Ohioans Against Experimental and School Vaccinations: (our sister site). If you live in the U.S. read “The Pandemic Pyramid” and discover how the pandemic agenda as been implemented since 2001.

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