The Peak Oil Theory Story

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2011
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In 2008, after doing additional research, I realized that the peak oil theory had huge flaws. It relies on five “myths”


 . . . and the diabolical agenda of  “demand destruction”

The Peak Oil Theory Story in a nutshell:
Petroleum is a “fossil fuel”, therefore a finite resource. It is critical for transportation, industrial agriculture and our entire modern society; as such, we will run out some day (soon) which will cause a global meltdown, which many refer to as “die-off”.     

After reading Michael Ruppert’s book Crossing the Rubicon, I started believing the Peak Oil Theory (POT). However, before I accepted this theory as fact, I reviewed the work of several other authors such as geologist Colin Campbell (whose 1998 article in Scientific American made him one of the first to get public recognition for this theory), international energy investment adviser Matt Simmons [1] , researcher/journalist Richard Heinberg [2], and former oil industry analyst Jan Lundberg.  Also, I watched presentations by Representative Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) who has been featured at many POT conferences and spent many hours teaching the peak oil theory on the floor of Congress (aired on CSPAN). So it is not unreasonable to assume our elected officials in Washington have accepted this theory as well.     

Because of peak oil, these authors believe that long distance commerce and globalization will be severely curtailed by the rising cost or scarcity of oil. In response, many of them are trying to advance relocalization (returning to a local less energy intensive economy and food system), which I whole-heartedly support. 

I believe that most of the POT proponents (not all) are honest folks who unfortunately have naive faith in the information and statistics provided them by Western scientists, oil companies and government agencies. In fact, they tend to chastise or ridicule those who question either the accuracy or motivations of these sources. Even government insider Robert Baer’s book, See No Evil [3], didn’t convince the peak oil theorists to acknowledge that corruption, deception, and ruthlessness are cornerstones of the oil industry/government/ unholy alliance.     

Most of the POT proponents foresee frightening nightmarish consequences (coined “petrocollapse” by Jan Lundberg) as we approach “the end of the age of oil” including a global “die-off”. They have done their best to convey these dyer consequences to as many policy makers as they can – internationally, nationally and locally. In 2005 Jan Lundberg’s Culture Change Letter, End Time for USA upon oil collapse, was widely circulated and in February 2008 he met with representatives of the Obama camp to “educate” them about the pending “petrocollapse”.     

As I said, I took the POT very seriously. In 2006 I founded a local group to advance awareness of peak oil in the city where I live.  This group sponsored many events and showings of POT films. We did presentations to our city’s “green” committee and members of our regional planning commission. We also wrote a peak oil resolution for our city and were able to get almost a dozen non-profit organizations to endorse it. For the most part, we were well received. But, we were unable to advance the peak oil resolution and ultimately disbanded our group. Currently, I regret very much having participated in these activities. However, it was not unreasonable for me to conclude that significant petroleum shortages could result in a “die-off” as industrial food production and distribution is extremely reliant on oil (transportation) and natural gas (fertilizers). In fact, both the sustainability and the renewable energy movements are supported by the peak oil theorists. And many groups, such as the Post Carbon Institute, have received significant funding to advance the POT.     


However, in 2008, after doing additional research, I realized that the peak oil theory had huge flaws. It relies on the following five “myths”:   

The Five Myths of Peak Oil

  1. Oil is a fossil fuel and a ‘finite’ resource
  2. Government reported supply/production figures are accurate and reliable
  3. The market price for oil is a legitimate indicator of oil supply and demand
  4. Exploration and discoveries have slowed or stopped because there is no more oil to find
  5. Corruption has little impact on the oil market


1.    Oil is a fossil fuel and as such is a “finite” resource
Western science has bought into and taught the fossil fuel myth regarding petroleum for many many years. Researcher/author William Engdahl wrote: ” . . . Western geologists do not bother to offer hard scientific proof of fossil origins. They merely assert it as a holy truth. The Russians have produced volumes of scientific papers, most in Russian. The dominant Western journals have no interest in publishing such a revolutionary view. Careers, entire academic professions are at stake after all.” [As is the sale of many books.]   

Chris Landau

In 2003 oil geologist Chris Landau discovered that the origin of oil is not fossils. He has since had two peer-reviewed papers published with his findings. On August 18, 2010 Landau gave an indepth interview on Rense Radio discussing the Gulf oil disaster and explaining what he had uncovered about the origins of oil.

Laudau 8-19-10 interview

In an interview Colonial Fletcher Prouty, former government insider [4],  explained the events surrounding the decision to categorize oil as an organic substance (fossil fuel). He points out that it was deceptively made at a world scientific conference in Geneva back in the 1892 as a result of pressure exerted by scientists employed by oil magnate John D. Rockefeller. They have never found a fossil below 16,000 feet and today oil is frequently mined at depths of 30,000 feet. This fallacy was cemented into “fact” in the early 70’s during the “energy crisis” when globalists John Rockefeller IV and Henry Kissinger convinced top U.S. government officials that a “world price” needed to be established for the “finite resource” – oil.     

Here is Col Prouty’s 8 minute interview: 

 2.    Government reported supply/production figures are relatively accurate and reliable
Many have long recognized that US government statistics are managed/manipulated for political reasons; therefore their accuracy is suspect. A few examples:     

 3.    The market price for oil is a legitimate indicator of oil supply and demand
The market manipulation by the unholy alliance between the oil industry, Wall Street and our government was brilliantly exposed by author James Norman in his book, The Oil Card. [5]  Mr. Norman, who also exposed Enron’s stock market manipulation, used his expertise to research COMEX/NYMEX and the oil market. He discovered the same dishonest practices used by the Enron folks have been replicated to manipulate the price of a barrel of oil – for political reasons.     

4.    Exploration and discoveries have slowed or stopped because there is no more oil to find
While Dr. Colin Campbell reports that there have been few oil discoveries since the 60s, he neglects to mention that the industry actually capped off massive oil discoveries in Alaska. Author Lindsey Williams exposed the discovery (and capping) of the massive Gull Island oil fields in his book The Energy Non-Crisis. This fact was verified by former Senator of Colorado, Hugh Chance.  It is only one example of supply destruction that has occurred to control oil availability and price for this “scarce” resource – for which the oil cartel gets a depletion allowance.     

5.    Corruption has little impact on the “oil market”
Many books have been written on this topic, such as: The Oil Card (stock market manipulation), The Energy Non Crisis (intentional limitation of oil supplies), and See No Evil (corrupt CIA/oil company alliance). Perhaps the most important exposé on corruption in the oil industry is Gary Allen’s The Rockefeller File.[6] The Rockefeller family has done more to control and corrupt the oil industry than any other force and Mr. Allen offers enough documentation to indict them. Unfortunately our current justice system seems to be non-functioning regarding powerful families and corporate crimes.     

Demand Destruction  

While it is true that the oil cartel can essentially hold the entire planet hostage by controlling a) oil supply and b) price, it is absolutely essential that the peak oil theory is discredited! Genocide (controlled die-off aka “demand destruction”) has been made an acceptable (albeit hidden) agenda of the elite and the policymakers they influence. So they are surreptitiously advancing their global depopulation (genocide) agenda.    

Author Daniel Estulin did extensive research on the global elite for his book, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. [7] He uncovered and exposed their “demand destruction” plans from the insider information he was able to obtain. Interview with Daniel Estulin:

In fact, their depopulation (genocide) plans were actually “cast in stone” on the Georgia Guidestones in 1980.     

Here are a few examples of the depopulation (genocide) agenda that is being implemented (please verify these via your own research)     

As I said, I whole-heartedly support the re-localization agenda [8] that many POT proponents are trying to advance, however, if the general population doesn’t wake up and help expose the scientific lies/fraud (and there are many) that have been perpetrated by corporately controlled educational institutions and corrupt politicians and governments around the world, the genocidal agenda will continue and none of us (nor our children) will be safe from their depopulation (demand destruction) programs.     

NOW is NOT the time to “check your brains at the door” . . . become a skeptic, ask questions, do your own research and SPEAK OUT!     


I receive no money or other rewards for any of my research or published articles. My motivation: society is virtually drowning in corruption (including scientific fraud) on all levels and we desperately need to expose and oppose it when ever we uncover  it. Our very survival is dependent on our success.
[1]  Matt Simmons, Twilight in the Desert, (John Wiley and Sons, Inc, 2005)
[2]  Richard Heinberg, Party’s Over (New Society Publishers, 2003)
[3]  Robert Baer, See No Evil (Three Rivers Press, 2003) The 2005 film Syrianna was based on Baer’s book.
[4] Col. Prouty spent 9 of his 23 year military career in the Pentagon (1955-1964): 2 years with the Secretary of Defense, 2 years with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and 5 years with Headquarters, U.S. Air Force. In 1955 he was appointed the first “Focal Point” officer between the CIA and the Air Force for Clandestine Operations per National Security Council Directive 5412. He was Briefing Officer for the Secretary of Defense (1960-1961), and for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
[5] James Norman, The Oil Card: Global Economic Warfare in the 21st Century, (2008)
[6] Gary Allen, The Rockefeller File (’76 Press, June 1976)
[7] Daniel Estulin, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group (TrineDay, 2003)
[8] Globalization = centralization of power and localization = decentralization of power. “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”, Lord Acton, 1887. 


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  3. Homo Sapien lives by a growth code. Everything we do involves exponential growth including resource consumption. If the Earth suddenly became an abiotic sphere of Oil and we steadily consumed it at a tepid rate of growth only 1% per year it would be gone in about 2150 years.
    Let WP(t) be the World Production of Oil in barrels per day at time t. Then Peak Oil is the point in time(t1) when WP(t) is less than or equal to WP(t1) for all t greater than or equal to t1. Betting against Peak Oil is saying that t1 doesn’t exist! Therefore, for example, 200mbpd production is entirely
    possible as is 1000mbpd.
    I suggest that the difference between a Malthusian and a Cornucopian is that the former understands bounded functions while the latter has
    only extremely bounded knowledge!

    • No one is betting against anything. The “entity” guilty of unlimited growth is the corporation. Men and women can chose to limit their family size. Corporations cannot limit their growth as the officers have a “fiduciary obligation” to increase profit each quarter. Watch “The Corporation”. It is free online.

      You must be unaware of the corruption and greed that the oil empire was built on and still functions under. May I suggest William Engdahl’s books?

      Are you an academic? In my experience all academics are trained to deny the corruption that is epidemic in the oil, pharmaceutical, agricultural and banking industries. To the Robber Barons in these industries, lying, cheating and stealing are just “business”. The last chapter of Anatomy of a Con Job explains the banksters role in all of this and how much profit they stand to make by promoting the oil/global warming lies.

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  7. So if oil is not a fossil fuel, what is it?

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