Global Warming and Scientific Fraud

Part of the Exposing Faux Science series

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010
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An environmentalist’s “take” on Climategate

If you take the time to investigate the recently released email communications of the leading climatologists promoting man-made global warming, it becomes apparent that the CO2/global warming issue has corruption and fraud written all over it.

If you have don’t have time to review the following articles, their essence is superbly and eloquently expressed by Lord Monkton in this short 10 minute video

Recent stories main stream media didn’t report . . .
Global Research CA is one of the best researched and least political sources of news on the internet. It’s editor, Professor Chossudovsky, has received well deserved awards for his impartiality, and dedication to exposing factual information. He represents the highest standards in unbiased journalism. I have read many of his articles and listened to many of his speeches and have no doubt that he and his web site are both extremely reliable (apolitical) sources of information. Here are more exposé articles about global warming from his web site:

  1. Excluded from the Copenhagen Agenda: Environmental Modification Techniques
  2. Copenhagen’s Hidden Agenda: The Multibillion Trade in Carbon Derivatives
  3. Copenhagen and Global Warming: 10 Facts and 10 Myths on Climate Change

Here are a few realizations that FORCED me to change my position on CO2/global warming:

  • CO2 is not a pollutant but is a critical food source for plants – the more CO2 in the air, the lusher the vegetation.
  • The CO2 greenhouse gas theory falls apart when you recognize that carbon dioxide is denser than air (as a former respiratory therapist I studied the gas laws) and CO2 stays close to the surface of the earth.
  • The climate scientists refused the Freedom of Information Act requests, preventing others from verifying their data and their findings. They were actively engaged in concealing the data they used to support their “theories”.
  • Scientists with opposing positions have been harassed, threatened and prevented from publishing their research, so it looks like there is no serious scientific opposition, which isn’t true
  • The International Panel on Climate Change declared the debate to be over. Scientific debate is never over. New information is how we advance knowledge.
  • I learned that Al Gore is one of the founders of the Chicago Climate Exchange [CCX is 10% owned by Goldman Sachs (GS) and 10% owned by Generation Investment Management (GIM), an investment firm founded & chaired by Al Gore. This firm was co-founded by the former Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush and former Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson.]As a former Chicagoan, I must admit that Chicago is one of the premier Corruption Capitals of the World and has been since Al Capone.
  • I learned that 31,000 scientists signed a petition in opposition of the man-made global warming theory. (The IPCC only claims 2500 scientists and few of them are actually climate specialists.)
  • Al Gore gave a speech calling for “global governance [government]” – which is an agenda that was exposed long ago by many researchers/authors and eloquently explained in the Lord Monkton interview.
  • I recognized that environmental organizations were for the most part ignoring real environmental threats (like the destruction created by corn ethanol production, water fluoridation pollution, depleted uranium and GMO Frankenstein science) so they could focus almost exclusively on CO2 and “carbon footprints” instead. And I discovered much of their funding is linked to the promotion of CO2/global warming.
  • I was told by a trusted university professor that science researchers will pursue almost anything they get funding for and that in too many instances the research process in our universities and colleges is being sold to the highest bidder. In other words: tobacco science is alive and well.
  • Data can easily be manipulated when using computer modeling. Data can also be cherry-picked to support a desired outcome:

cimategate - john coleman

Disclosure: I do not receive any money (or salary) to promote or oppose any theories or positions. I am merely trying to be open minded and figure out what is factual and what is bogus. I have absolutely no doubts any longer that the CO2/global warming theory is both bogus AND nefarious; created to lead us down the primrose path to “global government”.

We need to strongly support the efforts described by Lord Monkton to investigate, and if warranted, prosecute those (scientists, politicians, and non-governmental organizations) who flatly refuse to do due diligence and review the facts, but choose to receive public/private funds to advance scientific fraud.

Lord Monkton explaining his efforts toward legal accountability
    “We are now able to look via these emails into other universities around the world where these crooks and conspirators have been compiling this bogus case of climate alarm.
I am in touch with Senators and their offices in the United States to get them to make similar inquiries there. So that these fraudsters whether in politics or science or in the green movement will now be rounded up . . . be arrested, tried, prosecuted and jailed for the billions and billions of dollars that they have wrenched from the pockets of ordinary taxpaying citizens who have to work hard for their living and should not have to pay for extravagant scientific fraud ever again.”

It would be great to see justice regarding this scientific fraud. It will be interesting to see a) which politicians and non-profit organizations stop what they are doing and start examining the documents exposed in Climategate and b) which ones continue to allow themselves to be bribed into promoting/advancing the CO2/global warming lie.

To my fellow environmentalists:
It is far better for us to do due diligence late – than not at all.
It is far better for us to admit we have been misled than to continue to promote a deception that has hurt so many people – globally. The biofuels global warming “mitigation tactic” has already caused virtually millions to starve.

In the United States, this issue is not about emissions, it is about global government, global taxation, and cap-n-trade bankster schemes.

See: The Anatomy of a Con Job to learn more about the globalists and the bankster’s cap-n-trade scheme.


One response to “Global Warming and Scientific Fraud

  1. I agree the fraud of the AGW terrorist, has been exposed with the release of the climategate e-mails. Yet it has attained almost religious belief among the gullible youth of today. They are willing to give up there rights, and yours two, on a hyped up Eco scam.
    Al Gore is a total fraud, and a hypocrite. And the people behind this are not about saving the planet, but in taxing and controlling it.

    We will be lucky if there is not a war over this phony issue. And if there is a major war, what would that do to a tree hugger treaty?

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